Opinion...Grenat vs. Black?

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  1. Which color would you say is more versatile in the First style? Also, would a Compagnon wallet fit inside it? One more....does anyone here have a photo of themself carrying the First? Thanks girls! :yes:
  2. I think a black first. I love mine.
  3. Either one but every girl needs a black Bbag!!!!!!!! I don't know if the compagnon would fit in it~ someone else needs to answer that!
  4. Absolutely love my Black First and can only recommend it!It makes me smile every day :yes:

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  5. black first too :P
    i don't know about compagnon will fits or not, because i don't have one. but my quite large LV PTI fits well in my first :yes:
  6. Black one- more versatile.
  7. Marie~ it looks amazing on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  8. I think grenat is more versatile because it matches with both black and brown. I have a grenat first and I love it :love:
  9. Can you post picture please? I'd love to see how it looks like:love:
  10. Deb if you can still do the the First one in 05 Bordaeux:graucho: i would do that otherwise i prefer the Black in the City size.:heart:
  11. I think grenat is a little more versatile than black if you wear a lot of brown. I sold my black city to get a bordeaux city and am happy with the decision. However, I really don't think you can go wrong with black.
  12. I prefer black in the City size. Grenat is more versatile since it pops with black, brown, grey, blue, etc.
  13. definitely black either first or city tho the latter would be more practical and versatile :smile:

  14. Thank you, Zacorey!:yes:
  15. I vote for Grenat. More versatile if you wear both black and brown clothing.

    Here's a pic of my 06 Grenat First: