Opinion from Medium Horsebit Owners Please

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  1. I recently purchased a Medium Horsebit in Brown fabric last week after wanting to own one for years. I love how it looks except for how the handle fits on my shoulder. How does it fit when you wear it as a shoulder bag? Do you find the same problem or does the bag sit comfortably on yours? Thanks for your input.
  2. I never noticed it before...I find the strap to be too big
  3. the bag sometimes slips off but what i do is i sort of hold it against my body with my arm to keep it steady. despite that, i'm loving this bag.
  4. makeupmama & psulion08, thank you both so much. i'm kind of having second thoughts but i really really love how it looks. i guess i'll give myself more time...
  5. I love the look of the bag, but I found it to be uncomfortable so I returned it. The bag itself seemed to be really stiff and maybe it would have softened up over time but... I also thought it was hard to get in and out of. Good luck in your decision.
  6. I like this thread... it's the bag that's "on my list" for the moment, but I like knowing what it's downside is. Thanks for posting! Do you have pics of the bag on your shoulder? perhaps it wouldn't slide off if you have a sweater on or something cotton... maybe it's the particular coat you're wearing that's slippery? (silk, something like that?) I dunno. Good luck!
  7. GGLOVER, it was stiff when i first got it up it has loosened up a bit and it is seriously a fabulous bag. i would highly recommend it!
  8. GGlover33 & Shorty0527- thanks for your input.
    Soxfan777- i haven't taken her out yet but I will try to post pics soon. everything about the bag is great except this...
  9. i agree with shorty...when i first got mine, it was pretty stiff..but now it has contoured to my shoulder shape .,...kinda like jeans (if that makes sense) and fits better...I'll tell you though, it still falls off sometimes.
  10. I love my medium chain hobo. It's a very versatile bag. Only downside is that the corners wear out a little faster then other gucci bags because it doesn't have the leather trim there to protect it. It does mold quite well to your body/shoulders.
  11. I agree with GGLOVER33, I ordered the bag in black but returned it immediately and exchanged it for the princy hobo because I found the bag to be too stiff and uncomfortable. But looking at the rest of the posts, I wonder if I just have just waited for the bag to loosen up because I really liked the shape & style of the bag.
  12. i love my brown trim horsebit hobo.

    it took me years after the style came out before i tried the bag the first time last year. i didn't like it, returned it... and then i re-bought to try again. and now, i loooooove it. for the same reason of uncomfortable strap, i returned it the first time.

    but now the strap has softened up, the bag just molds to your body, and i love the look of it. you get used to the strap. i love it so much, i've been thinking of getting the white trim. it's awesome
  13. ditto ditto and ditto lol....it molds to your shoulder and will get comfy after a few uses...if you want it to get softer more quick....try this:

    fill the bag with water bottles and hang it on a door handle over night...should do the trick! :smile:
  14. It gets more comfortable with time as the strap molds to your shoulder.