opinion for second chanel bag

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  1. #1 Feb 17, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
    i recently just got a chanel maxi xl lambskin gh for my bday present and im hooked now.
    now im thinking of getting another chanel (maybe another black chanel) and confused whether i should get a caviar jumbo or reissue (2.26 or 2.27).
    can you ladies help me to decide which one I should get since i will prolly use it for day and evening and also the hardware?
    (ps: im 155cm =5'01)
    thanks alot
  2. I would get the reissue since you already have a flap
  3. Since you already have a maxi flap, I would suggest you either go
    For reissue, a 226 matt black with ghw; or
    For caviar, a m/l in another colour with shw.
  4. in 2.26 or 2.27?
    thanks for your opinion
  5. 227.
  6. Reissue 226 black ghw! since the 227 will be a similar size to maxi, and since you already have classic flap, a reissue will be nice for variety.
  7. Ita

  8. I think a reissue 226 would be fantastic, OP!
  9. Since you have a maxi, I would suggest the reissue in 226. Black or another neutral color.
  10. #10 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    If you prefer to diversify your Chanel collection, the 226 reissue is a good option. However, I notice that you need an everyday bag. I think a caviar bag will be a wise choice since it is more durable
  11. IA - good idea
  12. How about getting a reissue since you have a classic already? ;)

    I have reissues in 225, 226 and 227. Personally i don't usually use my 227 as an evening bag. Usually only as a day bag.

    If you need it for both day and night, i would recommend 226 ;)
  13. ahh now im thinking about either 2 26 black metalic GH or caviar GH
    thanks for helping me to narrow down the choices :smile:
  14. 226 is fab!
  15. reissue forsure, i'd go with 227 personally, but if you want 226 go for it!