opinion for gucci bags

  1. hi there,

    i need you girls opinions, which bag do you think is a better all purpose bag? (to carry in the day and at night etc..)...or which bag do you like better? thanks all for your help!!:yes:

    ps: please note that the gucci positano is the small version, not the huge one..thanks all
    162879_FFK2G_1078.jpg boston.jpg
  2. hey,
    personally i love the scarf bag for the daytime and the other for the evening. If you say the second bag is small then it will probably be no good for the day time, unless you carry next to nothing with you. However the scarf bag looks far too big to use at night. I think you would get fed up of carrying the weight around and its one of those bags that once you put something in it doesnt come out, it all just adds up. This bag wouldnt look very good if it was empty i dont think and it would feel really strange and light.

    I bought the Abbey shoulderbag 2 months ago and although its rather large i find it a brilliant shape for night time too, its not too large but not too small but again i wouldnt take it out to places where i go of an evening id rather get a zipped top non expensive bag lol
    good luck with your decision though :biggrin:
  3. i adore the second bag! IMO it can go from day into night and summer into fall:P
  4. I love the second bag it's so beautiful and I prefer the style better than the first. ;)
  5. Loving the 2nd bag
  6. :smile: I like the second bag too...Good luck with your new purchase!! Enjoy!!
    :heart: Emmy
  7. They're both so nice but I prefer the second one. I think it's more classic and versatile.
  8. THANKS ALL FOR UR OPINIONS!!:flowers: :lol:
  9. second bag definitely! love the green and red webbing on black. very classy! and very versatile, too.
  10. thanks all, by the way, does anyone personally own the gucci boston 131092? do you mind sharing how great this bag is?? like isit very spacious etc...? THANKS ALL ONCE AGAIN!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. I love the second one.
  12. thanks:yes:
  13. second one coz i'm a fan of green-red-green signature web.so gucci!
  14. both are goorgeous .. however i lean more towards the scarf bag
  15. they're both gorgeous ... i think the first bag makes a great daytime bag and the second bag can be good for day or night depending on the clothes