Opinion for First Purchase!

  1. Hi everybody! First time in this forum, but already obsessed!

    So after putting off Balenciaga bags for so long (sorry!), I've finally given in and have decided to buy a Day...

    My only question now is which colors are available right now? And which would be the best fit for a college senior--I want something that's really "fun" (I want to stay away from black, white, and most neutrals) but still versatile enough that I won't wear with just 2 outfits.

    I was leaning towards the Jaune (I've been craving a yellow bag since last year) or some sort of blue or maybe even a purple? And I'm pretty sure I like the regular hardware better..

    Sorry, I'm not too familiar with the current color availabilities...

    But let me know what you guys think and where I can probably find one! Thanks so much! So looking forward to owning my first Balenciaga!
  2. take a look at the violet day - one was posted today and it's absolutely gorgeous! The jaune is beautiful too, but I know that when I was at college I would have had a tough time keeping it clean. Ocean and Sienna are beautiful too, as far as this season's colors go.
    Let us know what you get!
  3. Either Jaune or Violet would be gorgeous!
  4. I think a Jaune with GSH would look amazing on just about anything! Speaking as a college senior, I wear a Natural GGH Day (not to class) and I have no problem keeping it clean because I know how much I spent on it!
  5. Thanks for your opinions guys! I went ahead and ordered the Jaune Day but with regular hardware.. it should be getting here so soon! Quite excited! :yahoo:

    Unfortunately though, now I've become quite obsessed with other bags and am already craving another and planning what to get next. Oh my.
  6. Oh believe me you arent the only one! I've bought 2 bags in the past 2 weeks plus a makeup clutch. Am I satisfied? No! I want more! lol
  7. IMO, two of the most versatile, recent colours are Ocean and Marigold. If you tend to wear warmer colours, Marigold is your best bet; if cool colours, then ocean would be better.

    Whoops! I'm too late. Good choice!!
  8. Marigld is a great color!! it get soo many compliments, and its one of my favs, and it looks amazing in the day (from the pics ive seen here) GREAT choice
  9. Congrats dukechikie! I am sure your new bbag will not disappoint you. Jaune is such a lovely color and I am so glad you opted for a bag that is not neutral like black or brown. I am sure this will not be your last bbag.
  10. A bright first for YOUR first would be lovely!
  11. oops...just reread. How about a first for your second? Hah.