Opinion:do you prefer anthracite or aquamarine??

  1. HI!
    I m buying a new Bbag and I still don't know which color!! which one do you prefer?(sorry for the mistakes i'm french!!) Thanks:yes:
  2. Aquamarine, as I'm not a fan of anthracite.
  3. I prefer Anthracite. The color is gorgeous and the leather reminds me of 05 and prior leather.
  4. Aquamarine, but I like light colors. =)
  5. Aquamarine..it's gorgeous!!
  6. aquamarine!!!!!! anthra is not bright enough to me~
  7. Aqua is too bright for me, but I love my anthracite. It will really just depend on how bright you prefer your bags which color will suit you best.
  8. I just bought both, and I probably love the aqua more, but I love the chameleon colors of the anthracite. Which will go better with your wardrobe (if that's a concern)?
  9. Aquamarine. Not a fan of Anthracite

    anthracite just doesn't do it fo me. Too muddy
  11. anthracite....
  12. It's like the two sides of me. One prefers to be classic (anthracite), while the other wants to be chic and exotic. I like both. But if I can only buy one, I would put my money on the anthracite. :yes:
  13. Aqua for sure.:yes:
  14. I love anthracite!
  15. I love aquamarine.