Opinion: Colors for Summer?

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  1. Of all the Balenciaga colors, from now to seasons ago, any limited edition colors....what would you say is THE color perfect color for spring. For me, I'd say a black because its versatile or the apple green because it 'pops'!:nuts:
  2. My choice is apple green just cause I have it and ADORE the color on the bag. And of course my brand new WHITE City!
  3. Apple Green, or the 05 Turquoise - they're both bright, cheerful colours.
  4. Sky Blue or Ice Blue - these are classic colors that can be worn summer after summer. :biggrin:
  5. ^^^ Oooooh yeah, I forgot about those.

    Y'know, there's just too many gorgeous colours to choose from.
  6. I meant to congratulate you on that bag! It must be absolutely gorgeous. Any troubles with it, in the cleanliness of it? I'm sure you applegaurded it the second you got it!:lol: You've swayed my rock solid-city black decision...oh, I'm AWFUL at decisions!:cry:
  7. totally agree with the 2005 turquoise - i would do anything to get one of these!!!!! :love:
  8. Apple green (I'm carrying mine today :nuts: ), turquoise, magenta, sky blue and white :love:
  9. For Spring I'd say white or pale rose. Both are great colors!
  10. White!
  11. apple green or cornflower blue (of course, I am biased).
  12. So have I talked you into the WHITE yet? :smile:
  13. I vote for the white!
  14. Is cornflower blue still availible in stores?
  15. I was in Barneys NY yesterday and they had A LOT of cornflower bags out on the floor.

    I am beginning to wonder if they are going to get the new colors though. I spoke with one SA there that said they didn't order any of the green. The only Spring 2006 bag they had out when I was there yesterday was a rust hobo. About a week ago I saw a work cognac.