Opinion Chocolate Covered Pretzels

  1. Not many people know but I have a business (my little secret) and I make chocolate covered pretzels and sell the during holidays and such. I have a new style and I wanted to get some opinions from my fellow purse lovers out there. What do you guys think of these and PLEASE be honest. If you hate say it!


    Thanks in advance!! :heart:
  2. And these:

  3. SELENA!!! LOVING the flower ones for sure!! I love the other ones as well...but you know I love flowers. You should post pics of all the other amazing ones you make!! I love looking at them!
  4. They are almost too cute to eat! I love chocolate covered pretzels and would absolutely try these if I saw them. They are very different from any I've seen. Keep the pics coming!
  5. :drool:
    enough said!​
  6. They're adorable!
  7. Those are really neat looking!! You should do some with shoe or purse cutouts on them
  8. Too adorable to eat. They would be great as gifts for the holidays.
  9. I think they're cute!
  10. Thanks Guys!!! :smile:

    I will post more pictures tommorow, working on some new variations!
  11. Cute! I like them.
    I love chocolate covered pretzels. People always buy me the plain ones, yours are much prettier.
  12. I love them!! I can't wait to see more pictures!!!
  13. :drool:
    now i want choc covered pretzel!!!

    those look really really good!!!
  14. They look wonderful! My 4-year-old niece would go crazy for the Spongebob ones. I want to eat some myself right now!
  15. Yummy!!!