Opinion: Chloe Beata Shoulder Bag???

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  1. Saw this on NetaPorter, and like it. It comes in a tote version, and a shoulder bag version. Just would like to see if any of you have seen it IRL, or if you have an opinion just from the picture?

  2. We saw these listed for sale at Sacoche. Check out the shopping subforum and Mona's post with pictures. I think they are really cool bags and that you should go for it!

  3. Forgot to tell you my opinion!!! I just bought the bag, so haven't used it just yet. I like that it is roomy, with a few extra pockets on the outside, as well as, on the inside. The outside clasp is a magnet...so easy to get in and out of the bag.

    The leather is really nice and soft.

    The only thing that I am not a big fan of is that the shoulder straps are a little short for me. I live in Germany and it's starting to get cold...so of course, I have to wear a jacket. I feel that the shoulder strap is a bit short to comfortable sit on the shoulder. The first week or so that I had the bag, I was thinking about returning it because of the shoulder strap...but decided to keep it.

    I did see the shoulder strap on the shoulder bag, and loved it...wish they used that same kind of strap on the tote...like a removable one, so that you have an option of using either strap.
  4. Oatmeal:

    I saw your bag, and it is gorgeous! I looked at the dimensions, and it is a little bigger than I need, so I think I will stick with the shoulder bag for the moment.

    Enjoy using your new bag!!!
  5. It's a really cool bag. It's very vintage looking, and the grained patent is so nice. The strap is thick and is suede.
  6. I love how sturdy the bag looks and I love the shoulder strap. It looks like a bag that I would use again and again... I love messenger type bags/styles.
  7. I think these bags are gorgeous. They remind me of the Givenchy Boston bags.
  8. I don't know why Megs didn't care for one of them as she described on the Purse Blog. I think they have such a fabulous street vibe - espcially with the intricate hardware and crinkly patent. We need to see pics of someone wearing one!

  9. Agree!!
  10. Very pretty bag! I love the look, it does have a bit of a vintage feel....
  11. I really like it! I'm sort of eyeing it off, along with the Heloise Shoulder bag. Personally I prefer longer shoulder straps than shorter handles.