Opinion - Can I wear this skirt with a pair of over the knee boots?

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  1. I just bought this Ann Taylor tweed skirt a few days ago. It doesn't wear as shown by the model, but actually comes to my knees or just barley below them. Knowing where the skirt falls, would it look appropriate for me to wear over the knee boots or a thigh boot with the skirt?

    Typically, I would wear a tall knee high boot that would just brush the bottom of the skirt and top of the boots, but looking to change things up.

    What are your thoughts? Would this look be acceptable for going out/dinner that my knees are covered by the boots? and the skirt may ride up some when sitting down to show more of the the boots.

    Here is the skirt:

  2. no...the skirt is too long for OTK boots. you can do below the knee tall boots.
  3. I agree , it's too long for OTK , you are better off with knee tall ones
  4. no, skirt is too long. I like OTK books with leggings or with short dresses/skirts
  5. Do you find this look acceptable (the moscow them is not my favorite) but with the shorter skirt and with the boots going up taller as shown with these Chanel boots? Do you think this look is acceptable or not? I suppose I am looking to create the same look with the skirt that I bought - though mine comes to my knees.

  6. honestly i don't think the model looked that great (she looked like she had leather leggings on) in the pic you posted.
    and the main thing is you don't want the line of your boots and line of the skirt that close.
  7. I like when there is no break between the boot and the skirt ... but when the boot is very fitted, so it almost looks like your leg ... it can't be too large or else it will make the look frumpy.
  8. Did not like model with boots look at all.
    Skirt is too long.
  9. looks better with stilettos. In my opinion, the skirt is too long to wear boots unless they're ankle boots.
  10. I think it depends on the boots you are going to wear.. I don't think it looks bad if the skirt covers the boots. Sometimes it looks better than tall under knee boots with above knee length skirt and you got a random bare leg portion between the skirt and the boots.

    It's all about looking seamless.
  11. gorgeous skirt! since it's so classic looking, i'd say pumps or knee hi boots would be better looking than otk boots.
  12. i agree with laurayuki. sometimes i think it looks strange when there's only the tiniest bit of leg peeking between the boots/skirt
  13. It would have to be a above the knee boot that is like a legging and therefore well fitted, and not thick scrunch leather look like what the model is wearing.
  14. Do you have a skirt thats a little more edgy? That skirt is really classy and I have a hard time seeing it with anything but cute little shoes.
  15. I'm going to disagree with the majority here - I think OTK boots can look very cute disappearing under a skirt - I say go for it! (^(oo)^)v

    As always, piggy includes photo examples:



    I also agree with laurayuki - the random sliver of leg between skirt & boot top can look very awkward, IPHO - even if you don't go with an OTK boot, definitely do not go with something that ends very near the bottom hem of the skirt!