Opinion anyone???

  1. Everyone~
    I rec'd the Bleeker Large Leather Shopper in British Tan for Xmas! I luv it........It's the right size and the straps are awesome. I am a little upset that this bag doesn't come in all the purty colors as the othe Bleeker bags:cursing:....Does anyone else have this bag? If not, what do you guys think of it?????
  2. I dont have one but if you dont like the color than you dont really like the bag right? So I would find another bleecker bag that you love and get that.
  3. No, I luv the BT color, but I wouldn't mind the wine color. I have a cpl BT bags already....I actually LUV the Bleecker Shopper....
  4. I loved this bag when it came out but was also disappointed with the color options. I really wanted this bag in the chocolate sig. ALL the other Bleeckers came in chocolate sig it was even on the Japanese website in chocolate sig but you couldn't order it. VERY frustrating....I have since moved on.
  5. The British Tan is my favorite bleecker color!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yes, I wish the Bleecker Shopper would come in other colors as well. I think that's the only reason preventing me from buying it. For the amount of $$, I was hoping to have more color choices. I already have so many Coachies in Browns and Blacks.

  7. The Bleeker Flap does come in a Chocolate Signature. It was at my store
  8. I have the British Tan medium duffle...as far as the color goes...I love it. I think it looks great in that style bag. Very "classic COACH" look.
  9. I don't have it but I love it!!!! Congrats!!!
  10. I have the British Tan Leather Shopper, and I love it! But I would have preferred more color choices. IMO, COACH shortchanged themselves on this bag by not having more colors, because the style is very classic and easy to carry. In the meantime, I'm enjoying mine and maybe more colors will be added!?!