opinion and advice please...

  1. i've purchased this dress and pumps. do you think they'll go together? :confused1: :confused1: and also would it look funny if i wear thights with it in colder weather? if not, what colour/type do you think i should wear? if the combination looks funny, please give some suggestions of shoes to wear with the dress. thank you so very much....:flowers:
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  2. can u post a pic of urself wearing the shoes with the dress???? btw i love both purchases and i think they will look great together
  3. What fabric this dress made from?
    Nice Louboutin's, but they are way too formal for this dress, maybe I'm wrong, but if you can wear them together and post a pic would be easier to say something.
  4. the dress is 100%silk. i'll try to take picture when i've time. i've not tried them together and look in the mirror. i should, but just haven't had the chance to do so.
  5. Both are lovely. :heart: But, I would say, not together.

    The dress would look much better with opaque tights, worn with a slouchy, knee high, stack heeled boot; or pair of platform sandals (also with a thicker heel).
  6. I don't think I'd wear those shoes and dress together - love those shoes though!
  7. thank you everyone. i'll look for some boots this weekend...more shopping:graucho: :lol: . do you think it'll go with black patent bruges? or are pumps really a big no-no for the dress? sorry for so many questions:Push:
  8. I don't think pumps are a great idea with this dress, at all, personally.

    Not even that sure about patent. I think regular leather, or suede, would probably be better. :yes: Maybe in red, or a reddish brown?
  9. I think boots would look best, with lighter colored tights. Where did you purchase the dress? I would check the Anthropologie catalogue for ideas--it's a very Anthropologie look
  10. it's a tibi dress from net a porter. on the tibi website, it's shown with black tights and ankle boots. on nap it's shown with black knee high boots, but it said "or for evening with heels and a pendant necklace." so i was wondering for heels to match the dress.
    i'll check out anthropologie for sure...thanks!
  11. [​IMG]

    Here's the NAP pic. Black and colour can be beautiful, but I think, in this case, the black (particularly in the patent) 'kills' the faded red (and grey) in this dress.

    If I were you, I would stick with the four colours in the dress, which, according to NAP, are red, grey, blue and brown.

    I think something like these boots would be better, maybe worn with brown, or dark grey, opaque tights:
    Chloe Red-Brown Slouchy Boot with chloehandbags copy.jpg
  12. I love both of them, but not together. The olive color of the shoes doesn't work with the bright red and blue.
  13. chlohandbags: thanks a lot...will look for some boots.

    mr.couturier: the actual colour of the shoes is dark brown. i agree they look kind of olive in the pic.
  14. am i freakin blind i thought the shoes were black and the dress was red/blue with hints of blk

    haha i'm laughing at myself rite now
  15. ^ HaHa! :lol: The shoes look grey on my browser! :shrugs:

    For me it's the style of the shoes that doesn't work, though. Maybe if they were almond, or round toed and had a peep toe and/or an ankle strap and a slight platform.

    They need to be less formal and more late '60s early '70s to work with the dress.