Opinion About This Gryson Bag.....

  1. It is from the 2006/2007 collection. I saw it on eBay, and was wondering, do you like it, and has anyone seen it IRL? If you have seen it, is it heavy?

  2. Isnt that the lexi that everyone was having problems with the hardware?
  3. Don't go there- take it off your watched item list...
    the hardware falls right off.
  4. I have one, and I really like it. It is a very nice size, and holds all my stuff comfortably. It does have a some structure to it, so I don't feel like I am fishing for my stuff. It is not a super squishy leather, but it is nice quality and seems like it will only get better with age. The strap has a very comfortable drop. The suede lining is very nice as well.

    The one caveat I have for you - several of us bought this bag from their website-launch sale, and many of this particular bag had issues with the rivets that hold the straps on the bag. Depending on the person you are buying it from, they may have had the rivets replaced and fixed, or it may be broken. Also, depending on how they went about having it fixed, the rivets may not match (if only some were faulty). Just an idea of what questions you might want to ask the seller.

    If you really like it and the price is reasonable I would consider it - only one rivet was an issue on my bag - the rest are fine and I have had no probelms with it since - and I do not baby my bags. I was able to get the rivet replaced very professionally (and cheaply) and a local shoe or leather place - it was a good deal for such a well-made bag.

  5. To be perfectly honest, I'm not loving it. I, however, tend to like thicker, richer, smooshier leather bags.
  6. I have it in red and it's a little heavy. Purchased it at the gryson.com site sale for about $150, shipping included. Like greenpixie said, there were many gals who had issues with the rivets on the black Lexi - I would definitely ask the seller the condition of the bag and where she purchased it from.

    FYI, Gryson did tell me they would stand behind their red (and presumably green) Lexis that they offered during the sale. But the customers who purchased the black Lexis were either told to send it back to gryson for store credit/alternative or to keep the bag for free and handle fixing the rivet issue themselves.

    ETA: I do like the bag, as it has more structure and I was looking for a medium sized bag with this "look". It is not the supple leather that most gals refer to when speaking of gryson bags (olivia, elyssa, etc.), but it is nice.
  7. I was one of the ones unlucky enough to buy that bag and the rivets fell off. Also, the leather is more plasticky than soft...
  8. Thank you all for your honesty! I don't necessarily like chancing eBay to begin with, let alone for a possible headache!!!!! Will take it off my watch list...