Opinion about the new YSL rose shoe

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  1. Not sure if anyone has posted these or talked about them but I have been waiting since 2 months ago when I looked thru Elle and saw them. Loving the nude ones. I would like to know what you girls think. Is is cute or too out there? Now I feel I am on the fence about them...Thx..They are now available at Neimans for pre order

  2. Absolutely beautiful!:faint::wtf:
  3. Beautiful!:rolleyes:
  4. very cute
  5. I think they're cute but wouldn't pay retail for them.
  6. very cute....for parties, outing and stuff....
  7. wow GORGEOUS!
  8. very pretty
  9. Nice, but they look little Pedro Garcia to me with the layered feathery look of the sandal itself.
  10. I loved them in the magazine but not crazy about that price for a maybe shoe. I think they are cute but not sure how they would be on
  11. Like the design and the gorgeous leather! The flower is a cute detail but the way it's attached, you could hang a flower off every shoe... Still like it though ;)
  12. I personally don't think it has the outstanding YSL style factor that I associate with paying full price for YSL shoes. Maybe if they come on sale? If you are not in LUV then wait and see how you feel...? =)