Opinion about Hermes Birkin 25 Ostrich Palladium HW

  1. Hi Ladies.. I'm wondering how much is the retail price for Birkin 25 Ostrich Pall HW? Also, if someone offers me $8000 for it (used, but in NEW condition), do you think it's a good deal? or better simply pass on it? I'm totally new to H :confused1: So, any advice from you ladies are greatly appreciated. Thank you :upsidedown:

  2. The price is very reasonnable. Those birdies are not so easy to come by !
  3. IMO i think its a great price you'll find much higher than that in ebay whether used or not
  4. Do remember to make the seller take pics so that you can post in the authenticate this thread before making any monies transaction.
  5. This thread was 2 yrs old!!

    Still a good deal anyhow.
  6. are you serious, i just noticed lol