Opinion about Balenciaga city bag?

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm an LV girl and now I'm interested on a new black Balenciaga city metallic edge GH.

    What do you think about this bag? Do you think this brand is worth it? If you own one, how is the quality of the bag (the leather, the hardware)?

    Pls tell me your honest opinion. TIA
  2. I love the look of Bal bags. I used to own a Day Hobo but sold it because it collapsed into a smoochy puddle. I like bags with more structure. The City has more structure for sure. This line is not as durable as LV IMO.
  3. I'd stick with LV. I never thought the bal bags looked good.
  4. Get it ! I own a black Balenziaga work bag. It is one of my prettiest bag. I do not like the metallic edge, regular one brings out the Beauty of the design to be honest. It is nice if you Wanna go for a certain look. I wear tight jeans with simple tee, pair with a polished leather boots, the Balenciaga bag is the best
  5. +1
  6. +2
  7. +3
  8. +4
  9. I just bought a Balenciaga City in metallic edge and LOVE it! Most of my bags are LV and I wanted something different with a bit of edge. This is definitely the bag! It is gorgeous and wears extremely well. GL
  10. It's a great bag. I bought one for my mom when it first came out and it still looks great. It was designed by NG so... no wonder you like it if you love LV! 😝
  11. I just brought a metallic edge in black with SH. I like it very much and use it a lot. I guess it depends on your own taste since liking something is very personal. I used to only buying Hermes and LV, this year I tried one Bal and one Givenchy. Although the leather can't compare with Hermes and LV but it's a different style and adds some variation to my wardrobe. So, if you can afford it and you will use it, why not? But I have to be honest, the quality and craftmenship of Bal can't compare to LV.
  12. I love the Bal City! I prefer the classic styles over the metallic edge but it's a great sized every day bag, and beautiful. The leather isn't as durable as you would hope, on mine, so I'm careful.. but on the metallic edge bags aren't they the grained goatskin? More durable, it will last you many years if you don't abuse it. :smile: Good luck deciding.
  13. One of my friends sold her speedy30 for this bag; she told me she regretted her speedy now because the quality of B is not durable like LV. So she sold it :whistle:

    Make the best choice for your pleasure ;)
  14. Congrats!which colour is your bbag? How's urs holding up?
  15. Oh yes, no wonder!haha.. What a lucky mom! May I know what kind of leather is it lamb or goat?