Opinion: 2 Different Styles of Silverado Hobos.....

  1. I like them both, but would love some opinions/pros & cons...

  2. Does the top one have pockets on the outside?
    I like the second one because it has more of the original Silverado look.
  3. Shucks I like the first one. I don't like the pockets on the side but pursesuader is right, #2 is more in line with the Silverado look?
  4. The top one doesn't have pockets on the side, but it doesn't have to look like a typical Silverado....
  5. I like the 2nd with the side pockets and its not as deep which makes it easier to get in and out of, and easier to find stuff!
  6. I just happen to like the second one better since I almost bought it myself last year in the python style. But - I still think you should always go with which one calls out to you more!
  7. Can you show us pictures modeling the two seperate bags? That would really help.
  8. Like them both, but think I prefer the second one, it just has more of the traditional Silverado look.
  9. I prefer the second one. I do better with east/west hobos than I do with north/south ones.
  10. Go for the second one - just looks better and is a bit more recongnisable as a chloe silverado.