Opinion: 2 Black Days-GH vs. RH-Which One (Pics)

  1. [​IMG] vs[​IMG]

    The one on the left has the Giant Silver Hardware. The one on the right has the Regular Brass Hardware. I am still confused. Which one?????

  2. I like the Giant Silver hardware. I think the Giant hardware looks amazing in the Day style.
  3. i prefer the RH w/black
  4. i am more of a RH kind of girl but i did buy a GSH black flat clutch which i love to death. the SGH goes really well with black. to me, the RH is more classic (tassels, ligther in weight) where the SGH stands out more (eye-catching, cleanier look with just the little pull tabs, heavier though), so it depends on what look you are going for. i couldn't pick cause they are both equally pretty. good luck in your decision.
  5. i love the giant hardware day!
  6. Both are beautiful, but I am partial to the RH on a black day.
  7. I love the one with GSH! :tup:
  8. ^^ my vote's for the RH black day :wlae:
  9. I actually have both of these bags and I have ultimately chosen the RH so that's my vote!
  10. I like RH :tup:
  11. GIANT!!!! Sorry, but the GH looks like a more updated version of a gorgeous bag:smile:
  12. I'm a true RH lover!!! Just can't get myself to love the GH....so I vote for RH!
  13. I had a black rh day and returned it, I have a plomb gsh day which I like better.
  14. I love giant hardware!
  15. Really hard i love both it's such a diffrent look. I think I would go for SGH...but it's like 61% to 59%