Opinins, would you buy a Small Demi Signature Poppy bag?

  1. I have been looking for the duffle Poppy bag in the signatue and poppy limited edition. I think it is just so pretty, but I am not sure it will go with everything . They are all selling for at least $250.00 or more on eBay. I found a nice seller that sold me a white and beige fairly new chelsea satchel with a matching wallet in white. I did not have any white bags. I hope I love it. It has tags and a receipt. She also has a demi poppy, signature, the small one, only about 8 inches or so with a 19 inch white strap. She did offer it to me for a good price, a a bit over $115.00. Would I wear it with much or should I wait for the larger duffle? They just seem to get in a bid war over that one. Thanks Guys!!!
  2. If you have a TJ's near you keep checking there - I've see some poppy stuff there lately - with dust bags.

    Most recently saw the box tote - not sure it that's what it's actually called - but have also seen the demi at a different TJ's.

    Last week they also had a small white duffle.
  3. If it's the demi I'm thinking about they have been at TJMaxx for about that same price. I bought one because it was really cute but I returned it because I knew I just wouldn't use it enough for that price. I need bigger bags.

    Of late I've learned that if it's not a piece that I absolutely love, I pass. I'd rather spend the $ on one piece that I really love instead of the same amount on a bunch of bags that I settled on because it was a good deal or the last one etc`... If you've had your heart set on the duffle, get it... you won't be happy with any other bag.
  4. TJ"s wow, I will definitely try that. Yes it is tiny. Thanks!!!:yahoo:
  5. Yep, you are right, I already bought a chelsea white satchel this week. I hope I love it. That was sold out early in the stores. I got it on eBay with tags..obviously from the outlet, but I got a good deal and will probably be returning it , for it does have a receipt with it. Thanks!!! Saving....
  6. I have the Poppy Demi, and haven't yet used it, as it is VERY small. I just don't have the right outfit to rock it yet. But I do love the poppu!
  7. It is really cute, but very small. I got a real bargain today. A black and white striped siggie pouch at Bloomies for $30.00. I grabbed it for a cute white lace dress for evening. So cute!!!!:tup:
  8. I meant to post this for you yesterday, but I was on a time crunch before work:

  9. my gosh I love that poppy bag its to small for me. but just beautiful if there is a large poppy bag I'd go for that instead. :O)
  10. That's really cute, but too tiny for me to actually use. I would pass & wait for the new fall merchandise to come out!
  11. OH no, so cute, want it ACCCCCCCK:yahoo:
  12. I want it, it sells too high on eBay and I get outbid and I really do not need any more bags now do I???? Nope LOL :nuts:
  13. Yes, sigh, I will have to wait..for the fall ..patience and more money for new styles...yep...:tdown:
  14. It's sooo hard when there are so many beautiful old things from previous seasons and new things coming out! I'll have to work three jobs at this rate!!