OPI Yog-ta get this Blue Nail Polish

  1. I'm going to go ahead and start a thread on this nail polish, because I know it's going to be a big hit. I love chanel blue satin, but, it has more of an black undertone to it. well, this polish ROCKS! you will never look for another blue polish again. Esp if you think blue satin is just a tad on the darkside. the only difference from russian navy is this polish has aqua shimmer which makes it a 10 in my book. sorry for the bad paint job, i was in such a rush. :s what you guys think?
  2. Oh, looks like I have to go to my nearby beauty shop to get this! Thanks for sharing, it looks hot!
  3. That looks pretty! I was trying to get the Russian navy but couldn't find it. I can't seem to get Chanels blue satin either so maybe I'll try for this one.
  4. looks hot hot hot... But I prefer the darkness of blue satin...

    Thanks for posting!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Me too. :yes: This one does look really nice though!
  6. Looks nice!! I didn't really love the blue polish trend but am looking forward to the Black Cherry Chutney shade from this collection. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I was looking for this the other day, i think it's sold out at least for now.
  8. I saw this in a magazine yesterday and it definitely caught my eye.

    Is OPI available at Sephora? No, right? :sad:
  9. I think Sadie Frost listed this as her favourite nailpolish at the moment in a mag I read (Elle UK, from memory) - looks fab!
  10. Oooh, I really like this shade. It would look great on my toes :nuts:
  11. Very pretty shade! Thanks for the photos!!
  12. I love this color!
  13. I like it better than Blue Satin! I'll have to get rid of my blue satin and get that instead.
  14. I got a glimpse of this color at Ulta last week. It's gorgeous! I still don't know whether or not to get this or Russian Navy though. I love them both, but I have so many bottles of OPI polish as it is.
  15. ^Same here, I can't decide between it and Russian Navy. RN is darker w/purple undertones whereas I think YTGTB is more of a true blue. I feel like I need them both.