OPI South Beach

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  1. I saw an ad for the new South Beach line of OPI (available February 4!) in Allure and I was so excited! I can't wait to get a (spray) tan and try out some of these new polishes! I love Done Out in Deco & Sand in My Suit- which ones can't you wait to try?

  2. done out in deco, and feelin' hot hot hot look soo pretty! thanks for sharing!
  3. pics are not working...
  4. I'm excited about two shades: Miami Beet and Paint my moji-toes red
  5. I have to check them out! I'm a sucker for anything "South Beach":P
  6. I'll have to wait for swatches, but I'm definitely intriqued.
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    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
  8. I love them! Especially "done out in deco"!!
  9. Some of those colors are really pretty, Suzi & the Lifeguard will find its way into my collection!
  10. I like the congra line coral and miami beet
  11. I'm pretty excited to try Overexposed in South Beach!
  12. Love the Miami beet and deco.
  13. OPI On Collins Ave just like the blogger said will rock big time as a Pedi polish during the summer.

    I like Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot!!, Bronzed to Perfection is also catching my eyes.
  14. I loved all of those! Living in Florida I do get sick of the same ol pinks, and corals, but these look fun!
  15. Ohhh, I am loving Miami Beet!