OPI Russian Collection

  1. Is it too early to start wearing the darker shades from this collection on my fingernails? I know its not officially fall weather yet but I am going to vegas tomorrow and I wanted to get my short nails painted with Suzy Says Da. If its ok then what should I do on my toes? i hate to match but I am afraid that a french on my toes would look strange.
  2. i don't know but those colors are beautiful!
  3. i just got 1/2 the russian collection & 2/3 of the night brights collection today. So i was thinking the same thing but i think it really depends on the weather. i'm in florida & it's still summer weather but then again i wore shorts last christmas. So i think i'm going to hold off intil the begining of october for my darker polishes.

    but i would do whatever you feel comfortable with, i don't like theres a set time where you should/n't wear dark colors.
  4. I'm wearing Russian Navy on my toes right now. I think it's acceptable to wear whatever color nailpolish you want, regardless of the weather.
  5. ^^
    Agreed. I've been alternating darker shades, light "french manicure" type shades, and bright coral/pinks/reds throughout the year really. Just whatever mood I'm in.

    I'm loving this OPI line! I had on the Midnight in Moscow last week and now I'm wearing the Russian Navy. I just love it! It's a complex blue colour just like how the Midnight in Moscow is a complex purple. Just very deep and no dullness whatsoever! I can't wait to try out that champagney type colour and also the deeper reds later on this fall!
  6. Thanks...I do love this collection I bought the Tiny treasures and it had Suzy says da St. Petersburgandy and Kreme de la Kremlin. I am going to get Midnight in Moscow tonight.
  7. I can't wait to get my hands on these varnishes!! I'm having a hell of a time finding them for sale here in Mexico, though. I might have to order them online. Love love loooove St Petersburgundy and Russian Navy!
  8. I have on Midnight in Moscow right now! I love dark polish so I wear it year round...either really dark, or really light. I say wear what you like and what makes you happy!!
  9. i say wear what ever color you like! right now i'm wearing Russian Navy on my toes w/ Funny Bunny (shear white) on my fingers. i also bought Midnight in Moscow, which i'll try next week. btw i'm in Arizona, if i waited for the weather to cool down i'd never get to wear dark colors.:lol:
  10. I just picked that shade up on Monday. The girls said that the first coat is a strange greenish color but it looks normal with the second coat. I love that color and can't wait to wear it. I was thinking as soon as it gets a bit colder.
  11. I just bought 2 darker chanel shades today...I can't wait! Still a little sunny and warm here in CA.