OPI Nicole and Nic's Sticks - any good, any difference to original OPI ?

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  1. Hey there girls!:love:

    Has anyone here tried Nicole by OPI and/or the Nic's Sticks? What is special or different about them?

    The website makes the sticks look a bit strange. They remind me of my color markers when I was a child and used to paint my nails with.

    Do they turn out to show nail polish quality?

    Looking forward to your replies. :flowers:
  2. Sorry, I haven't tried them yet. I just wanted to say that I have had my eyes peeled for these things since they came out and I cannot find them anywhere! :confused1:
  3. I think you can find them on ebay, since i've heard that they are hard to get when you look for them in stores.
  4. i finally saw them yesterday at wal-mart. i think they were around $7 and they also have a top coat available in the stick. i didn't buy 1 though. i really wanted text me, but they didn't have it. target is suppose to carry them as well.
  5. so glad you asked this question. saw the ad in a magazine and was wondering if it actually works.
  6. Hey girls!!

    Glad you stopped by, feels good to know that Im not the only one out there that is wondering about it.

    Sadly, no answers yet hehe... but if I find out anything about it, and if you do... please let us all know.

  7. I saw them at my local target as well (northern california). From the bottle the intensity of the colors seemed close to OPI quality, but none of the colors were unique enough for me to want buy them.
  8. I know you can get OPI Nicole at Walgreen's. I haven't seen the Nic's Sticks there though. I am curious too. I love OPI.
  9. i was curious too. Saw the ad on a magazine .
  10. I bought a couple of the sticks and hated them...the color does not come out well- it was too streaky for me.
  11. i've never seen these but was looking at this thread last night before going to sleep and dreamed about these :lol:
  12. i just got an opi nicole nail polish in enchantress, ill let you know how i like it...
  13. :heart: Txglam - can you show an example of how it looks like??

    :heart: Jc2239 - LOOOOL!! That made me laugh. Do you remember the details im interested in knowing :upsidedown:.

    :heart: cristalena56 - looking forward to it.

    To everyone else thanks for passing by!!! :love:
  14. I saw them at Target too. But they only had like 20 of them -- in weird colors.
  15. they always have a ton of them at wal-mart. i got one in the sliverly color because they didn't have a lot of choose from but i haven't tried it yet.