OPI nailpolish in NY?

  1. I used to buy OPI polish at my local drugstore but now they've stopped selling it & I can't find it anywhere! Does anyone know where I could find OPI polish in one of the boroughs of NY (pref. Queens/Manhattan)?
  2. Hi Redorfe,

    I called my PR contact at OPI (I'm in beauty publishing and they're only a few miles away) and they said to go to www.opi.com and look on the left side of the home page.

    There's a link titled something like "Where to buy OPI". Click on it, select your state, and it will give you supply stores/salons with addresses, phone#, etc. where you can buy their products.

    Good luck!
  3. a lot of salons carry it.
  4. I've seen it used in salons but didn't know that salons also sell the polishes as well. . .I've only bought polish in drugstores/department stores/sephora.
  5. Check out online store head2toebeauty.com, they are reputable and cheaper than anyone else!
  6. those are some cheap prices; seems almost too good to be true. has anyone ever ordered from this website?
  7. I've seen OPI polishes at chain hair salons like Regis and Trade Secret.
  8. I've never heard of Regis or Trade Secret. Are they in the 5 boroughs of NY or on Long Island?

    I'm still trying to picture how one buys nail polish from a nail salon. It's such a weird concept to me; maybe b/c I've never even heard of it before now. Is this really how ppl buy OPI in NY?
  9. Regis and Trade Secret are found at malls. I would be so surprised if you didn't have one anywhere near you! I think i just saw some OPI at target actually! I have never bought from my nail place because I go there all the time and they are the only ones who paint my nails, so why bother buying when I'll always be able to use it there?
  10. i know that the jcpenney salons also carry them. i was walking through one day and caught it.
  11. Duane Reade, CVS and Eckerd usually have them in Queens. Also there are a few stores in Queens Center Mall that carry them
  12. There are no Regis/Trade Secret at Roosevelt/Queens Center/Huntington/Green Acres Mall (unless I've missed them somehow. . .). But thank you for the suggestions.

    I've checked 3 Duane Reades, 3 Rite Aides, 1 Walgreen & 2 Targets. I'm going to try CVS & Eckerd although I can't remember off the top of my head where they're located.

    Harlem_Cutie: do you remember which stores in Queens Center Mall? I know that they have a large beauty supply store. . .

    I'm starting to feel so silly; it is just nail polish. However, of all of the different ones that I've tried it works the best (the least amount of chipping).

    A big thank you to everyone.
  13. Duane Reade:yes: or call opi directly and see if you can order from them
  14. There's a beauty supply store on the first floor if I recall correctly but you can also find OPI at kiosks. Also the CVS in that neighborhood sells them.
  15. I'm such an impatient gal, I want it now! But it just may come to that :p