OPI Nail Polish for HALLOWEEN :)

  1. I went to the OPI website today and saw this cute set of nail polish that OPI has for Halloween .:graucho: I want to try it . The Blue one is called Boo Berry and it glows in the dark. :lol: I wish they sold that one by itself. I really don't think I would even use the orange. :rolleyes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. oh that's too cute :nuts: ... I love the 2nd design from the right
  3. I'll definitely have to pick that one up. Thanks for sharing!
  4. :tup:So cute. I will definately have to get this.
  5. Cute!! I agree with the OP though. I'd probably only get the blue one.
  6. Cool - great find!
  7. Hahaha that's awesome! And actually right now my nails are Orange and Black... :sweatdrop: Everyone made comments on them all week... hehe I love Halloween too much I think :lol::upsidedown:

    I really want the blue glow in the dark polish :nuts:
  8. Thats cute!
  9. too bad I can't find OPI in Austria. The blue is really kewl
  10. neat! that glow in the dark blue would be so much fun!
  11. I'll definitely be hunting this set down, though I'll probably only use the orange in combination with another colour.
  12. OHHH, I just saw these yesterday! They are ADORDABLE!
  13. Hi this is LeAnn and Anna. you can call me by either name.

    My nails are orange with Black dots on them and that is a creative one for halloween.

    You can do Black and white. Like paint your nails Black and put white dots on them or paint your nails white and put black dots on them.

    Enjoy this fourm
    Happy Halloween

  14. Oh dear! HUGS! OPI is very expensive in Singapore compared to the US. Maybe you can try buying from US websites?
  15. Oops, I think I saw this set in Ulta the other day. I didn't know the blue glowed in the dark or I probably would have picked it up. Anyone looking in the US, try Ulta.