Opi India collection

  1. here is the new opi collection released on 6th of Feb

    I’m Indi-a Mood for Love - NL141 - hot pink!
    ElePhantastic Pink - NL142 - carnation pink
    Black Cherry Chutney - NL143 - dark black-red
    Keys to my Karma - NL 144 - Rich red
    MonSooner or Later - NL145 - Orange-red
    Moon Over Mumbai - NL 146 - Soft gray
    Yoga-ta Get This Blue - NL 147 - Dark blue (yeah!)
    Get Me to the Taj on Time - NL 148 - pale opal
    Curry Up Don’t Be Late - NL 149 - Gold metallic
    *Charmed by a Snake - NL 150 - bronze
    *Lunch at the Delhi - NL 151 - coral
    *Royal Rajah Ruby - NL 152 - burgundy frost
    * - available in lip color and liner

    source www.nailtechsecrets.com
  2. SO funny that you posted this...I was checking them out the other night. I will get the first bottle and the second to last. I always wear a variation of pinks and corals. I live in a tropical environment so the dark colors (that I love BTW) just do not look good here. So I stick to those two shades...pretty collection.
  3. I saw the ads for these in the magazines. I love them!! I'm going get the ElePhantastic Pink & Get Me to the Taj on Time!
  4. Those are great! I love all the ones on the first page and the opal one on the second page! :nuts:

    I really like all of them, though-- the only one I wouldn't wear is the gold one, because that color looks disgusting on me!
  5. Black Cherry Chutney - NL143 - dark black-red
    this colour sounds nice... very chanel rouge noir but still!!

    *Royal Rajah Ruby - NL 152 - burgundy frost
    this one sounds cute!!

    Will have to look at the website I think...

    does anyone know where you can get OPI in Holland??
  6. Thanks for posting!! I was searching frantically for pics last week.
  7. I can't wait for these. There are a few that look very pretty to me. I know Candace is going to try some too! ;)
  8. OMG!! you guys are going to freak when u see OPI's new blue!! I saw it today at the salon, my jaw dropped. gorgeous! it's basically the same as blue satin, expect you can see the blue color!
  9. wowza!! india collection of swatches i just found online!! OK, heres the difference that makes this blue color so spectacular from anyone else's. it's blue, and has aqua and blue shimmers in it! its very similar to russian navy but instead of pinkish purple shimmer it has the aqua blue. this is a must of anyone who loves russian navy!
  10. I love this collection, it could practically last me just by itself! It has funky colors and very wearable office appropriate colors.
  11. This collection looks great! I'm going to have to make my way over to Ulta this weekend, and get a few colors.
  12. I just ordered Black Cherry Chutney, ElePhantastic Pink and Moon Over Mumbai! They should be here tuesday :yahoo:

    All Lacquered Up has great pics of these colors btw if anyone is interested....
  13. opi has added them to the try it on section so you can see what they look like on your hand
  14. I've never been this excited about at OPI collection before! I can't wait to try them!!!:yahoo: :wlae:
  15. I can't wait either!! Right now I'm wearing OPI Design but I'm waiting for some new colors. :amuse: