OPI Gel Polish Sighting!!


Apr 17, 2011
New York, NY
So...I went to Ulta (the one in Queens since I live in nyc) today to look for Nails Inc Caviar Top Coat (a long shot, I know, but Sephora has been sold out) and what do I see in the salon section but a standing banner for OPI Gel Color!

A bit of poking around and I see a manicurists set-up with the new OPI lamp and when I asked the woman there what colors she had she opened up the drawer to show me. They definitely had over 20 bottles in there.

The manicure was only $25 (special promo price. Normal is $35) and I would have gone for it if I were with a less impatient friend. If I can find some time tomorrow, I may go back for it.

Has anyone else seen this or did this Ulta just launch the colors earlier than they were supposed to?


Jan 27, 2011
Northern CA
It's been available to pros for several weeks now. I have seen reference on some pro websites that nail techs have been using it for awhile.


Oct 17, 2011
Uma23 said:
I am going to the one in Levittown to look at Red Carpet Manicure. I will see if they have it also.
There was no nail salon in that Ulta and they only had regular OPI.