OPI Fundraiser Nail Color

  1. I picked up a "rag mag" within the last week, probably either InTouch or US Magazine, and there was a little blurb on one of the pages about OPI doing a limited edition nailcolor in a reddish-rust color with proceeds to go to some charity...and now I cannot find the magazine anywhere! Did anyone else see this? Do you know the name of the color or the charity that is receiving proceeds? Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Im just so happy your cat is home I can not stand it!!! HOOORRRRAAHH!!!!
  3. Thanks Sunshine! Me too! He is doing well...recovering nicely from his surgery and lounging around the house. :lol:
  4. Just like me...lol (the lounging around the house part!) I love Sundays
  5. I remember seeing this in the latest issue of Elle, I would look it up for you but I left my copy at school! Sorry, but look in Elle.

    xoxo L.
  6. The color was a combination of their best selling reds with a gold sheen... but my color but it does go to charity!
  7. Thanks LeaD!!! I found it! It was Elle, and it's on page 136. The color is "Red-y to Help" and one dollar goes to the Red Cross. Now I just have to figure out where I can buy it! My local ULTA does not have it, and I don't see it on the OPI website.
  8. hehe! I'm glad you found it, glad you're purchasing it to help the Red Cross! A fantastic fundraising idea.
  9. I hadn't about the fundraiser until now but I'll be on the lookout for it.

    I do know that OPI has some great colors out this season. Strawberry Margarhita is the perfect pink! :P
  10. I FOUND IT!!!! I went to ULTA today (even though they said on the phone they did not know what I was talking about) and there was a display in the nail section! Time for a pedicure!
  11. I scanned the ELLE note in case anyone wanted to see the color:
    OPI Fundraiser Nailcolor.jpg