OPI Designer Series...Mani and Pedi Pics included!

  1. Hi everyone! I didn't see a thread on the designer series by OPI. I needn't convince any of you of how amazing OPI polishes are...but if you haven't tried their DS line...I highly recommend it. I became exposed to it a year ago when working for my salon/day spa. I finally bought some for myself!!

    For those of you who don't know what it is, the DS line is a range of polishes in jewel toned colors that contain diamond dust for unparalleled brilliance. You know those really sparkly lip glosses? And you wish they had nail polish in those color? This is them.

    I am posting pics of my fingers and toes...I used chiffon on my fingers, it is a light pink color, and on my feet is Exclusive - a rich amethyst color. They also have a top coat, which I got since my old one was running out.

    The price point is around $14 USD.

    So without further ado, PICS! :yahoo:

    P.S. pardon me for not cleaning up the area around my toes where I got polish before I took the pics! eep!!!
    fingers1.JPG fingers2.JPG hand.JPG toes1.JPG toes2.JPG
  2. Oh wow! Those are some gorgeous colours, but I don't know if I could wear them everyday.
  3. They actually look very subtle in most lighting, they are very pigmented! It's when the light hits them that they dazzle...:tup:
  4. ^ It looks so pretty in that pic of your left hand! Dazzling is the perfect word to describe it! And when you say diamond dust, do you mean like real diamonds?!?! :graucho:
  5. absolutely, real diamond powder :tup: It's the last ingredient listed, but it is there, idea being that the light would reflect off your nails the way light reflects off a diamond ;)
  6. Candace- So these are the famous speedy fingers of yours! :amuse: I love both colors! They are so dazzling. I love glittery polishes!
  7. Ooooooooh! That is sooo cool! You can really see it in that middle pic-- it's fiery like a real diamond. That's why I asked. I am totally buying some! :tup:
  8. LOL...yes, the infamous fingers that type before they think! :amuse:

    OOOh and they have so many lovely colors...reds, pinks, and a new BLUE...probably a lot sparklier than blue satin...ahh.
  9. Most Trade Secret stores have them, or you can visit www.opi.com and search for stores in your city :biggrin:

    Definitely try some! It also applies REAL easily, of course their pro wide brush helps things a lot. dries fast! :flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers:
  10. Must get some!!
  11. Love glittery polish!! Thanks for the idea :tup:
  12. ohh candace, those are LOVELY!!! i love BOTHH colors and holy, shiny batman! loveee it!!

    i have to add this to the list too!
  13. Candance- I've already placed my order :angel:

    I got the Designer polish in Original and a base/top coat set. The total was only ~$25 with shipping :tup:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. Claire! Awesome! What site did you order from???
  15. It's called Avenue You. It's a beauty store in NJ and they have a website now. Their prices aren't usually that great, but UPS shipping is only $1. The url is www.aveyou.com :smile: