OPI Damone Roberts 1968 Re-Releasing!!! :)

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  1. Hi everyone!! It's been months since I've been on here. Busy, busy and trying to cut down on the polish buying. I just saw on Instagram where Damone Roberts announced that his amazing green, Damone Roberts 1968, will be releasing again this summer!!!! Does anyone have any more information on this? I was sooooo fortunate to be blessed with a bottle of this from another PF'er, but I hardly use it because I'm afraid of using it up. I also have two friends who are dying to get their hands on a bottle.

    Have you guys heard anything? Are you excited??!!! :biggrin::heart:
  2. Please let this be true! I will keep my eyes and ears open for future info.
  3. Wahoo! That would be amazing!! Now I just need Chanel to re-release Jade and my life will be complete. ;)
  4. wow. can you take a photo of it?? I dont think I have ever seen what it looks like.
  5. ^ looking at the Google image pics, the color is really nice! I hope the rumor is true and it's more widely released/available.
  6. This is so cool, I need to get a few bottles more 😄
  7. Did anyone see that the price is $20.00 a bottle? That's a little pricey, no? Is that what is cost in previous releases?
  8. I'm lucky my kryptonite color (the one that makes go weak in the knees & buy buy buy!) is the easy-to-find red instead of green & more rare shades. Still, it's always exciting when a much-loved polish comes back :smile:

    Per alllacqueredup.com, the price at the first release (2009) was $9 + $3.95 USA shipping. Not sure whether the price changed for the re-release (2010). Both times it was sold through Damone Roberts Salons (in store & by phone).

    Here's a swatch from its first release & comparisons from ALU :biggrin:

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  9. It's now available on his website! I just purchased a bottle. The price is pretty high at $20 plus shipping considering that the initial price was $9 but it's such a gorgeous color!
  10. I'm going to pass. $20 plus the $7.95 shipping quote for first class mail is ridiculous.
  11. I am torn. It is gorgeous, but so expensive!
  12. I bought two bottles. It's my grail and I only wear it a couple times a year to preserve it. I'm gonna wear it like a whole month straight now to celebrate! Lolol

  13. Ha ha, too funny😂
  14. OMG! I just saw this and thought Knas would love this! I havent seen you on the boards in ages, but I still think of you everytime I see an awesome green!
  15. That is so you! Awesome! :cool:

    I am excited to see if it will be available over here.