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  1. #1 Oct 16, 2018
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    I hope I don't incur the wrath of the moderators, but I am copying this here as it is probably the better place and I don't get any feedback in the Clubhouse (dear mods, feel free to delete my post there).

    So, after half a year I am ready to review my Ophidia bag and explain why I am thinking to let go. Hopefully I can get ideas for alternatives to it. Sorry if this is long.

    Mine is the larger camera-type shoulder bag. It is a perfect size for me, fits my ipad, and has been extremely practical. I like shoulder bags (hardly ever carry it crossbody) that can also be worn as clutches, it goes with everything, is carefree and I reach for it all the time. So why am I thinking of letting it go? Three reasons:

    - The GG supreme logo. I actually have two "Ophidias" from the 70s that belonged to my mum. I have grown up with this logo. In the 90s I bought GG totes and courier bags and so for me the Ophidia linked with all that history, but I find I am becoming wearing of the current popularity of the print. The plus side is that my children's friends think I am cool mum, but when I pass by the long queue that forms by my local Gucci store on Saturdays and see all the GG supreme caps and trainers and belts and cat t-shirts and what not, I just don't identify with the style. I also wonder, does wearing this bag make me look like I am trying too hard to be cool? Anyone else has this?

    - The wear in the leather. It is not that it is terrible (I will post a pic), but I can see it becoming worse, like the leather is gradually loosing color, specially in the corners. And it pisses me off. One of the old bags from my mother is actually one of those toiletry bags that has been used and abused by various family members for decades, so much so that the stitching is all undone, the inside has tears, the velcro is dismal and the whole thing generally looks a mess... only that the leather is PERFECT. Same for my 70s tote. So why should the one in my 6-month bag be loosing color?

    - The zip. Anal, I know. But luxury should equal a zip that not only runs smoothly but is a pleasure to use (you have to give it to LV, their zips are perfect). This is not the case with the Ophidia's zip. There is nothing terrible wrong with it and it looks nice and shinny. But it is just that little bit clunky.

    The thing is, I cannot think of a bag that would perfectly replace this one. A shoulder bag of this size and so versatile. If anyone can think of something, please say.

    In the meantime, I am actually thinking of getting the suede version (brown or blue). This would not solve the zip issue, I know, but I suspect the black aged leather may be more resilient? Anyone has experience with that?
    CE88FAB8-5636-4BE6-B3E3-C7DCEFC2D94C.jpeg BE1A89A2-BA67-4E64-97B6-99BF8AA012E6.jpeg
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  2. Ugh - thank you for this. Passing on Ophidia for now. I would not get the suede. I just find it so hard to take care of. :sad:
  3. I ordered this the other night - wanted a crossbody and like this shape - but not sure if it is actually a crossbody. Listed under crossbodies on the gucci site - but says adjustable strap drop is 15 inches... what is your opinion of this? Should I cancel this order and use the money elsewhere?
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  4. Wait until you get it to see if/how it works for you
  5. I got the mini version. The screw they attaches the strap to the bag fell off. I screwed it back in and it fell out again. I just brought it back and got a store credit for other stuff (they offered me a refund as well). I did use it for like a month or so.
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  6. Haven’t seen this one in person. It looks good but you don’t seem convinced!
  7. I am concerned about quality lately - the rubbing off of the leather too soon - the fabric ribbon - considering the price we pay! Also, is this retro Ophidia thing a bit trendy?
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  8. The fabric ribbon seems fine actually, nice material.
    Personally I think the style is quite timeless, I rather it was less trendy!
  9. I loved this bag but couldn’t stand the zipper! So I returned it. A bag that has this price point should have a good zipper......
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  10. Did you get the one that looks like a half moon?
  11. No. I had the large camera bag style one
  12. I know, right?! Irritating.
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  13. I just purchased the Ophidia Mini (mini camera bag) and am a bit worried now seeing these posts. Has anyone had a positive experience with their Ophidia Mini or Small shoulder bag? Thanks!
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