Operation Galliera Complete!!!

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I ordered the PM today via Elux!!!! the best birthday ever for me (tomorrow)!!!! I can't think of a more fitting purse for my 20th! two LV's in one month!! :nuts: I can't hardly believe it!!!

    Now, I'm eyeing some violette vernis, the agenda preferably

    GOODNESS, I hardly know what to do :wlae:
  2. yay, congrats!!!!!!!!!! and.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. fun! Don't forget to post photos!
    Happy early birthday!:yahoo:
  4. Yea congratulations and, :balloon:"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU":party::balloon:!
  5. Yay!!!! I'm so happy for you because I absolutely love the Galliera PM. What a perfect birthday gift. Have fun celebrating!!!
  6. Congrats on your purchased. Will look forward to seeing the pics when you get it. Happy Birthday!
  7. YAY! Happy Birthday and enjoy your Galliera! :balloon:
  8. Congrats..Im wearing mine right now and I think its a great bag that u will adore!!!
  9. Congrats!!! I saw the Galliera today IRL and it is beautiful. Happy Birthday
  10. You deserve it. Good choice. Happy Birthday!
  11. what an awesome birthday gift. Happy Birthday!!!
  12. Congrats and a very Happy Birthday to you! :nuts:
  13. :balloon::balloon::balloon:Happy Birthday:balloon::balloon::balloon:

    Congrats! Gorgeous choice!
  14. Happy Birthday! You sure picked a great bag. I love it.
  15. YAY! Congrats to you! I ordered the Galliera from ELux the same day!

    Mine still says pending shipment. How long does it take them to ship it out?