1. do you enjoy going to the opera / theatre? what did you see last time?
    the last time for me at the theatre it was "The name of the rose" by Umberto Eco and I loved it, but the last time at a concert Mozart made me fall asleep soooo bad I was drooling on my chin:shame: shame on me , I know. still, I like Tchaikovsky and Haydn
  2. Yes! My ex-boyfriend and I used to take advantage of his parents' opera season tickets. Growing up I remember when my folks had the cast of a visiting company's "La Boheme" for dinner at our house after the performance... I remember being star-dazzled. I'm sure the way girls are by Paris Hilton these days. I love the operas and symphonies... not so much plays or musicals.

    The last opera I saw was "Aida" in 2005.
  3. last time at the theater was to see rent....absolutely loved it :lol:
  4. I loved Aida! I also like musicals and plays. Lion King, The Producers, Miss Saigon... I wish I had more friends that are fond of watching them :sad2:
  5. sorry for misspelling "theater" :shame: , english is my second language since last year.
    Aida and Carmen were my first operas and the first time when I heard the Mercedes name . Years later , after the communism, I've found out about the car company:smile:
  6. Not a big fan of plays or musicals. I love the opera though.
  7. your english is wonderful don't apologize.......and u didn't mispell it.....americans spell is theater, the english spell it theatre (i'm pretty sure) :P
  8. i love the theater...but we end up seeing musicals most of the time. the last one i saw was RENT on my 21st birthday (august 2004). i want to see wicked when it goes on tour.
  9. i've been dying to see wicked but tickets are either always sold out or like $400 a person :sad2:
  10. to be honest , I didn't know that, I thought I made a mistake, thank you so much for the information
  11. I heard about Wicked and I want to see it , it comes in Detroit on May and it'll be my first musical<excited>
  12. musicals are really fun. they have a whole different feel than operas. i love both, but i usually pay to see musicals and get the operas on cd. :smile:
  13. I think I've probably forgotten how much I love musicals because I haven't seen one in a while... when I saw Les Miserables as a kid, I thought it was magical.
  14. I've never been to the Opera...but I would soooo love to go. I used to want to be an opera singer. hehe
  15. My parents were really big into the arts and always took us growing up. I am a huge fan. I saw Hairspray last on Broadway- loved it! Actually, I saw We Will Rock You (in GERMAN!!!) when I was visiting Vlad in Germany- it was great also, even though I didn't understand it all! I am a huge fan of the arts