Opening up a pet grooming shop

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  1. Hi everyone! I've been super busy planning and need some help/ ideas. I'm planning on opening up a grooming shop in the next few months and would love to hear ideas on a few things. First what hours would you like to see a shop offer? I plan on being "By appointment" with short stays so that it isn't not one of those places that you drop off at 8am and pickup at 3pm or later. I don't like the pet being stuck in a crate for hours. What type of look should I go for at the shop? I'm trying to decide between modern/upscale with neutral tones to a more colorful look and using more of a Florida deco/ beachy look. What most appeals to you? Or do you have an even better idea? I'm planning on offering lots of packages to choose from but not nickel and dime people. I'll include everything in the basic packages but what would be some fun things you'd like to see offered. I'm sure I'll come up with tons more questions but I've love to hear everyone's opinions I have a lot of competition but I plan on being different by not keeping pets all day, using updated equipment and keeping this place clean and sparkly. Just making it look nice in general with get me lots of customers.
  2. Yikes, Sorry it came out as one giant paragraph.
  3. Just a quick side note-make sure you require that all animals are up-to-date on vaccinations-especially Bordatella! You will save yourself many headaches!
  4. The service we use in our area...

    has a no-crating policy... so we normally drop off and pick up 1-2 hrs max later.

    I like the idea of clean, tiled or wood floors.. (probably tile since- wood would show scratches). An open area.. with seating... I think key is: open, airy, neutral comfortable colors- with plenty of air circulation. They also have a business door that opens half way on top and bottom. So air can come in.. but the bottom part is locked.. so dogs won't be able to run out.
  5. I would love to do a non crating policy but it just takes one dog to bite another to put you out of business. I plan on having easy to clean crates with some sort of bedding that easily machine washable. I also plan on being a 3 hours or less type of place and have potty breaks. The store I'm thinking about leasing has a place behind it where I can put a fence up with a potty patch.
  6. I'm not 100% sure how our groomer operates.. but I do know that customers need to drop there dog off at the time they're scheduled... and not dropped off all at once in the morning. I think this helps eliminate the traffic flow of too many dogs.

    For troubled dogs.. I do know they do place them in crates. But there is usually an employee that keeps a dog behind the counter, and they do walk them around the vicinity if the dog needs to eliminate.

    Anyhow.. as a consumer.. what is important to me is quick, efficient service with great grooming along with not having to keep the dog crated for long periods of times. The potty patch is a great idea ~!

    ** I did try this recommended groomer a couple of months back... what really turned me off.. even though she groomed "Miso" nicely.. was when I peeked in.. there were crates stacked upon each other w/ dogs in them.**

    It sounds like you're on the right path~!! If you opened up a grooming salon in my area .. I'd try it out! :biggrin: