Opening Hours of NY Chanel Boutiques

  1. Can anyone help me with the opening hours of the NY Chanel Boutiques? Its not listed on Chanel's website and not findings when I try to google it. Thanks all.
  2. Not sure, but I have called at 10:00 am and they were open.

    Maybe call and see if they have stores hours on their answering machine?

  3. CHANELY in soho/spring street open 11am mon-sat, and 12 on sundays.

    the other NY stores should be open from 10am :smile:

    i've been calling them all recently like mad so it should be right hehe.
  4. Do you know what time do they close?
  5. hmm not quite sure. i think for spring street it was like 11-6, and then 12-5 on sundays. don't take my word for it best to give them a call. i just remember thinking the soho store had really short opening hours.

    btw if you give them a call and they're not open, their answering machines will let you know the info you need :smile:
  6. I jus hit the answering machine...:wtf: But how does it give me the info that I need???:confused1:
  7. yep their AM message should tell your their opening hours. i doubt they are open atm though!
  8. OK, try the 800 number. I think it's 800-550-0005
  9. I'll be in NYC next week for a legal conference and am staying at the Hilton on Avenue of the far away is the Chanel boutique?
  10. the chanel store on 57th street and 5th ave is pretty close by, 5 minute walking distance from the hilton. the one on madison and 65th is a little further but still walkable (20 min maybe?)
  11. great! thanks!!!