Opening day at the brand new Selfridges wonder room

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Here's a quick recap of the first part of my semi-annual european h hunt. With a toddler in hand and a computer on borrowed time, I will skip the long commentary and dive straight to the photos:
  2. ooh very cool! can't wait to see.
  3. can't wait!
  4. Oh boy - LTC!!!! Can't wait.....
  5. Quick, QUICK!!! I love and MISS my darling Selfridges!!! Oh, Hermes is opening at Selfridges?? Gosh, I remember the walk from selfridges all the way to bond st...
  6. Hi LTC! Wish I were in town, could have "snapped" u myself! (Why do I have a mental image of myself in Austin Powers gear" shouting yeah baby! at licencetocook at Selfridges?!)
  7. Ops.... This thread was a mistake. I have created another one with photos.

    Apologies to all.... dd press the button before I was ready.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.