opening ceremony sale (nyc)

  1. if anyone's going to be in nyc this weekend and likes indie clothing designers, i highly suggest the opening ceremony sale. they're having an instore sale but there's another clearance sale that's 75% to 90% off a few blocks from the store. they had really cute shoes for $70, alexandre herchovitz sneakers for $30. and the CLOTHES! so cheap and so unique! even some kate moss for topshop was on sale -- blazers for $46 (size 14s left though). jeans were super cheap: they had topshop baxter jeans for $20, and cheap monday jeans (a TONNN) for $25. the thing is that the space is small and you'll have to rummage for sizes and colors, but considering the cheapest thing in this boutique is usually $65 for cheap monday jeans, this sale is amazing.

    also, it's cash only, which was annoying and stopped me from buying anything (i didn't have the energy to run out to an atm, and come back and wait on the line to get to the clothes).

    but seriously, it's a really good sale! i wish i wore more fashion-forward stuff!
    at 10 greene st. between canal and grand sts in soho.
  2. Thanks amanda, for this great heads up! I got the topshop jeans for $20, cute pink havianas for $5, and a cute opening ceremony hoodie for $20 yesterday. Today I went back and the jeans were 5 for $20!!! :nuts: I got 5 pairs, an opening ceremony scarf for $5 (I was eyeing it yesterday but it was $20), a cute tshirt for $10, and an unusual shirt that may be a bit too outgoing for me for $20 (originally $250).

    Awesome sale! :yahoo: