Opening a new chapter at Downtown Hermes

  1. So...finally made it down to the new store and acted as personal shopper for mother...:nuts:
    orange bag.jpg
  2. OOOOOOH! and i got to eat soon. big bag! :drools:

    is it a kelly?
  3. WHOOO HOOO! More Saturday night action! Bring it on!
  4. :graucho:...let's find out what's inside the bag
  5. oh you're killing me. i swear to gawd...
  6. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice daughter!! :nuts:
  7. I'm sure your Mom is going to love her gifts...I'd say a Kelly is in the big bag too. ;)
  8. Bring it on baby!
  9. dont keep us in the dark, foxie........
  10. Okay, all these NYC threads are starting to cross-reference...I know what it is, can't wait to see...
  11. shh! don't spoil the grand finale...:sweatdrop:
    ooh and I'm actually a son :p
    let's see what's in the small box for now
  12. That's lovely!
  13. OK, more more more!! :nuts:

    (very sweet son!!)
  14. O:huh:o Lovely, but..... whats in the BIG BOX????!!!!

    don't be such a tease!!
  15. ^^^ Hi Minnie!