opening a ebay store cheaper?

  1. I was wondering if opening a eBay store was cheaper.It seems to me that the fees are the same if not more,and you have to pay a monthly fee:shrugs: For example how much would it cost to sell something for 500.00? :s Thank you for any input.
  2. I know it's cheaper to open a store. I think the insertion fee is $.10 vs. the normal $1.30. I don't sell enough inventory to open a store so I've never concidered financially opening one.
  3. Thanks allison, I was checking on eBay and I was a bit confused on the fees I read in one of the help areas on fees that it would be 10% + 7% for final value fees.It sounded like to sell a item for 500.00 It would cost around 100.00 + they will charge you 3% pay pal fees?Way too much!
  4. I believe eBay charges more final value fee for stores but you save on the listing fees. I prefer Auctiva. Normal Ebay fees, but a LOT of functionality and free. I'm not connected to them in any way except as a happy user. I'm VERY impressed with the service, 'specially for no charge.
  5. I use Auctiva as well. You save boatloads of money. I love how it saves all of your listings, too. I :heart: Auctiva.
  6. i have a store and i love it. the difference is something can sit and wait for the right buyer instead of the immediacy (sp?) of an auction. you list an auction and no one buys, list it again no one buys, youre out all the fees. put it in the store and it can sit for months with only the 11 cent or 13 cent listing. the fvf are higher but i think it all works out in the end. hth.
  7. That is very interesting about opening a store. What is auctiva?
  8. i don't know auctiva.

    i do all my listings in turboloster so they're saved. i have a template so listings for me take minutes and i don't pay extra for pictures. i just pay for gallery and the rest are my own html.
  9. auctiva is a site that you list your eBay auctions through. It saves your money because they have their own picture hosting, it helps you with HTML, and it saves all of your listings for you, even after they sold. It's free to use.