Opened an Unpaid Item Dispute

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  1. Some may know about my issue. But here is a little background.

    I was selling my very first item on eBay. In my TOA I said payment is due within 48hrs and I will ship immediately upon payment. I also promised immediate positive feedback if payment is made immediately! I also stated that non paying bidders will receive negative feedback. All right there in my TOA!!

    So, I sent a really nice Congrats! email along with an invoice.

    48hrs goes by and I hear nothing from the buyer.

    So, I send out a very nice reminder email.

    NO response!!

    So, it has now been 7days and I just filed an Unpaid Item Dispute.

    Has anyone done this? What was the outcome?

    I guess I have to wait another 10 days to relist it? That sucks!!
  2. wow really? 10 days? is that so she can pay? or just a stupid policy?
  3. I believe you can relist immediately. Try it. It should be in the drop down menu.

  4. really? for some reason, i thought i had to wait!!!

    i will try it!!
  5. no, you can definitely relist it. I allow 5 days for payment on my auctions (48hrs is a bit short, but that's your business), if they don't pay, I start throwing out second chance offers or relist it. forget that stupid ebayer! :cursing:
  6. You can relist it immediately, but I think if you do so you won't get refunded on any of your fees ... can anyone else chime in on this one?

  7. Yeah, I had based my 48hr policy on some of the auctions I had won. But have been told a few times here, that is not very reasonable, so I would be making that change.

    Should I have a "pay within" clause at all? If so, what should it be?

    Thanks for everyone's responses!!!
  8. IMO, 7 days is more than reasonable. I understand the payment clauses but eBay gives you 7 days so stick with that.
    better luck next time!
  9. I usually give 5 days to pay, that way I don't feel bad when the 7th day comes and I do an unpaid item dispute.
  10. I NEVER leave feedback for any buyer unless its left for me first. When I started on eBay over 7 years ago, it was normal to leave feedback right after the buyer paid, but now with all the problems, mean and crappy buyers (and sellers), I dont want to be a victim of unwanted neg feedback if the buyer thinks its just "fun" to do that. (and many do). So I dont recommend leaving feedback until your buyer gets your item and then leaves fb for you first.
  11. When you open an upaid item dispute, eBay gives the winning bidder 7 days to respond to it. If they do not respond, you can close the dispute and get your final value fees on the 8th day after you file. You will get your final value fees back from eBay and the winning bidder will get an upaid item strike.

    At that point, you can leave them negative feedback and they can not neg you back in retaliation. However, it they DO respond to the unpaid item dispute in any way, they can retaliate and neg you (even though they may not even pay you!). Crazy.

    You can relist at any time after you've filed the unpaid item dispute.

    Depending on the item, I oftentimes wait to relist. I recently had to file a unpaid item dispute for a pair of shoes that sold and my buyer was brand new to eBay and was determined not to pay shipping charges after she won! She paid immediately after I filed the dispute. I guess she got scared. LOL!

    At the same time, I recently filed an UID for another item because I never heard from the winning bidder. He never responded to the dispute. I got my fees back and gladly negged him. In the meantime, I had relisted and re-sold the item. It was a very popular item and I got many emails asking for it after the auction ended.

    Hope this helps!
  12. I just relisted the item I had. I hope she doesn't respond because I really want to give a strike. i am really tired of NPBers on $500 or more items.

  13. THANKS! That was great information you provided!!
  14. did you check ebay to see if you could immediately relist?

  15. The option is there! But I wasnt sure if I should or not.

    The dispute console says that they (eBay) are still waiting on a response from the buyer. And someone said that they have 7 days to respond.

    Would you?

    Im so new at selling (not buying) and this was my first auction!!! :cursing: