Open Top Tote Bags...I have a question!

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  1. Some of you know that I just recently bought one of the last two plum belted Ergo totes that were left. I LOVE this bag. I pretty much got it to carry to work. Tuesday will be my first official day out with her, but it's supposed to rain the rest of the week (go figure). Since she's open top, how do you girls protect the insides of your bag if you MUST carry it during rain? I was thinking of just putting my iPod and cell phone into the inside zip pocket behind my wristlet so it doesn't get wet. I'll have an umbrella with me and will keep the top as closed as I can. Do you ladies maybe suggest a towel draped over the top to protect some of the valuables?
  2. Seriously, because the bag is under your arm, you shouldn't have any problem. I usually don't when carrying my totes Ergo or otherwise.
  3. ^Same here. I always carry an open top tote to work and I've never had a problem with getting water inside my bag. Also, I always have an umbrella with me which protects my bags and I always make sure they are underneath it.
  4. this is one of the reasons i dislike opentop bags, the second being that everyone can c ur stuff and the 3rd that i lost my transit pass once when the bag fell over on the bus.
  5. I always carry an unbrella with me and I keep my purse tight under my arm when I have to carry a open top bag, but I usually try to carry a zip top bag if I know it is going to rain
  6. Well if the bag fits under your shoulder the top it s going to be covered by your arm so it doesnt seem like there will be an issue.

    Several of my bag are open top and I just never even use the zipper on the ones that arent, I never have a problem with rain/water going in or things getting wet.
  7. Ditto...It's never been a problem. just keep it tucked under your arm and carry an umbrella!
  8. well even if i don't carry my ergo tote under my arm, i don't really have a problem with it, because the way it hangs, makes the top sort of shut....i've never had a problem with it!
  9. I just hold it really close under my arm, and use my arm to cover the top. i haven't had a problem so far.
  10. No problem here either. Its under your arm squished closed so its really a non-issue. I like them alot because even though its under your arm and technically pushed closed, you can still sneak something into the side in front of your arm quickly without having to stop and unzip it. It is a really easy practical bag to use.
  11. I agree, on your arm and particularly if you are under an umbrella you should be fine. I personally only carry zipped bags in rain though.