Open-toe Boots?!?! Look at this!

  1. [​IMG]

    Ok, this is a first. I'd never imagine that someone would make these boots!

    How many brave girls out there would wear these?

    They are $750.00... ouch! Singerson Morrison
  2. Not me!! Shame really because the boot is a great shape
  3. I love open toe / open heel boots. They've been out a season or two already. :smile:
  4. Not my style.
  5. open toe boots...... >_<

    not my style

  6. really!? i have not seen these on the streets yet..
    open toe boots are not my style. i wear boots in colder weather so i would want to wear socks/stockings with them, which would look horrible. the rest of the boot is nice though!
  7. Not my style either.
  8. it would work great if you had a broken toe or something :nuts:. Otherwise not very practical IMO....
  9. Looks like hobo boots. I could not pull off that look.
  10. Useful after you get a pedicure? ;)
  11. i don't think i could pull these off...they are interesting though...
  12. haha we may laugh but a few houses have designed open toe boots.

    didn't chanel have a pair one or two seasons ago?
  13. I think they're totally impractical - especially in places that actually need long boots in winter!