Open toe booties- are they going to be in style next year?

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  1. Trends take a few seasons to go away, so you would see them left over for sure. The open toe booties though, are a little more out there than most, so might go away faster. With the economic recession in place, people will be spending less on fads and more on classics, which will hurry up the disappearance of this trend. So I'm guess one more year or so.

    My personal opinion is stay away from this one. It will scream F/W08 (when it was the new thing) and don't wear it in F/W09 (when it trickled down to the mass retailers.)

    In the end, trends come and go, it's is not so important to be trendy than to wear what you like and what looks good on you.
  2. i'd seems way too fadish to me. it will tell its age in no time.
  3. I think those will go quite quickly.
  4. I think they will be
  5. I don't think so
  6. Open-toed booties will probably not have a very long shelf-life. The length of a trend depends on how big the splash was when it first came out. Skinny jeans really hit a chord, and after not seeing them since the 1980's and very early 90's, they came back with a boom. Now they keep coming back every season it seems, so they have held on longer than most. Gladiator sandals started to pick up steam the year before last, hit huge last year and are being continued by designers again for spring/summer. People liked them because they were comfortable as flats and interesting and often very lady-like and/or sexy in heels. Because they were popular enough, they will continue a little longer than the average trend.

    But open-toed booties haven't been as big as some designers would have made them. People picked up on it, but not in huge numbers, as many found them impractical. So that is a trend that likely will end sooner rather than later.
  7. Thank you ladies.. I guess I better enjoy these while I can.
  8. Yes! Fads are fun and make for interesting photographs to show to your children. Wear the hell out of them. :nuts:
  9. I think they are going to be around a bit. Spring/Summer collections have them in their runway shows.
  10. I say that if you love them, wear them no matter what! The good news, is that if you decide you are over them next year, you got a good price on them.
  11. ^^ now i'm thinking about this as well. ^^ i purchased a pair of the jimmy choo glint booties in the blue suede ( the boots featured in the A/F campaign)
    I adored them. I adore the blue, I adore the suede, I'm just thinking how much more longetivity will they have.
  12. I hope not.