Open return request but seller wants me to open a paypal claim?


May 30, 2012
Question: Sadly I purchased a fake neverfull. The seller seems to have numerous ebay ids and sells fake LV and nike sneakers. I have spent a great deal of time reporting all these items that keep popping up. It seems as if it is a counterfeit ring of some sort. Anyway I opened up a return request and the address provided was different from the sellers listing address and also from where the package was mailed. The three states were very far from each other.
I used the ebay return label and tracking showed the package was delivered three days ago. I sent the seller a fews messages and he finally contacted me and claimed he tried to refund through ebay but can't so he asked me to open a claim in paypal. I called ebay twice and they said there should be no reason the seller isn't able to refund me in the ebay open return request area. I am nervous if I open a paypal claim I will get denied because I mailed it back to an ebay return address and the paypal address is completely different as is the state the seller claimed to live in, different from the state the bag was mailed from and it is so complicated. Am I being overly paranoid? The seller has had the bag back for three days. There is no reason he shouldn't be able to refund me in the ebay returns section. I am just a bit apprehensive as to why he would request I open up a paypal claim now?\
Several other members have purchased these fake bags but from different ebay seller IDs but the items all get shipped back to the same return address in Miami. I am pretty sure it is all the same seller or group of sellers. Any way if he/they are selling so many counterfeits and so dishonest I fear the seller is trying to trick me into opening the paypal dispute. It is so frustrating the same people keep opening up new ebay ID's daily:sad: I saw one of the items were sold today that I had reported.


Aug 11, 2010
Call eBay and escalate, I think they actually make you wait a week after delivery but i had this happen before when I received a trashed pair of louboutins. Seller received them back and stopped communicating with me.
After I escalated eBay was able to refund me right away. Your protected by eBay, do not let the seller talk you into an additional claim.


Aug 3, 2015
Call eBay and escalate, or just escalate through the website. eBay will be able to view your messages back and forth, and they'll see what the seller is saying.

I think they're trying to scam you and get you to close the eBay case. Let eBay force them to refund, which they will of they don't refund in 48 hours after escalation. eBay will take the money from the sellers.

Just escalate and wait it out.

Also, if you close the eBay case, I think you lose the opportunity to leave feedback?


Coach, Dooney, Uggs
Feb 25, 2007
Am I understanding that you didn't open a SNAD claim but just requested a return? If so, now is the time to open SNAD, claim counterfeit and include the tracking number and proof of delivery. If you paid $750+, there should also have been s.c.

Submit to ebay and tell them it's been 3 days since he got it and he's not issuing a refund.

I might also consider calling them (after filing the dispute) to get it done while you're on the phone with them.