Open or Shut?


I carry my bag...

  1. Open! I need to get at my stuff!

  2. Shut - I don't want people seeing / getting at my stuff!

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  1. A few threads on the Balenciaga boards made me wonder about this: do you carry your bag open or zipped/snapped/flapped shut?

    I voted shut. Not only do I not want people able to get at my things, but having my purse open is kind of the equivalent (to me at least) of a guy with his fly open. :nuts:

    What about you?
  2. Shut. I'm paranoid about my stuff getting stolen :p.
  3. Shut. I'm also paranoid about pickpockets.
  4. I have a bad habit of not zipping my bags:shame: I know one day everything is going to go flying!
  5. Depends on how many kids I have with me. If all 3 are with me then it's usually open because I am going crazy. If I am alone it's usually shut!
  6. It actually depends on the purse. With some I worry about it and some I don't. With my 2 big work totes, I carry them open a lot of the time because all my stuff is well hidden away even when they are open. (Actually, one of them doesn't even have a closure.) Smaller bags I would always close.
  7. I have the worst habit of leaving all my bags open:shame:

  8. Me too!
  9. Its already a hassle trying to find things in my too full bags, so to have them closed means it takes me like 10 minutes to get my wallet out in shops!! I would like to keep my bag closed but I just give up!
  10. I keep mine shut.
  11. Shut -- if I know that I will be in and out of my bag a lot I will leave the ends of the zippers hanging out, but I will never leave my bag unzipped. As clumsy as I am, every in it would end up spilling out.
  12. My dh gets worried because my bag is ALWAYS open. It doesnt matter if im on th train or in a crowd, my bag is open.
  13. i always zip my bal
  14. I don't have one YET, but if/when I do get one, I'll be keeping it closed.
  15. Can I be halfway? If there's two fastenings, one will be fastened. And if there's a zipper it will be zipped halfway. I have to be able to get at my stuff quickly, but I don't want my purse all the way open either. But I do prefer tote styles which often don't have a closure at the top.