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  1. #1 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    I couldn't decide where to post this so I thought I would post with my fellow Coachies....

    I was noticing that I tend to not close my purse. If it zips I leave it open if it buckles or has a magnet it's open. Even my new Hampton flap is open I don't even use the turnlock. I do sometimes but most of the time I don't
    Do you tend to zip/close your purse after every use or
    Do you leave it open more times than not?
    Is there a reason you close it or leave it open?
    Do you find you close it at certain places or times?

    I tend to leave it open
    I close it when I think about it which is never...or if it's raining
    I will close it if I'm in a crowded place or at a party but most of the time I don't.

    I think I'm lazy or is there really a difference in people..... do we or don't we?
  2. i usually do but for the most part its a pet peeve of mine i like that way the bag looks better zipped or closed so for the most part its usually closed. i do leave it open sometimes depending on the bag and where i am/ what im doing.
  3. I'm the same way; usually leave them open, that's why the new mia carryalls don't bother me, but the audrey's do....I feel I have to keep the audrey zipped or it tends to fold in on itself around the zipper and I worry it will scratch the leather.
  4. I always make sure that my bag is properly closed. Having someone try to steal your wallet makes you hyper vigilant about keeping your purse properly secured!
  5. I tend to leave them open unless I feel like it is unsafe to do so depending on where I'm at. But generally I leave them open and it urks the heck out of my husband. lol
  6. I always leave them open...not sure why. Maybe it is laziness lol.
  7. I always close mine when I am moving around. If I am at a counter paying for something it maybe open while my wallet is out.

    Lately I have been using an Ergo pleated tote which only has the clip on it which I leave undone. It does feel odd to have my bag "open" when I carry totes.
  8. Closed. Safe and secure, nothing can get out - or in - without some effort. That's why I cannot work with most open-topped handbags (totes are another story). Plus, people are nosy. Riding on public transit, standing in line, any place where people are mulling about. Or is that just me? :greengrin:
  9. I would never leave my bag open..I don't believe in inviting unwanted trouble..
  10. when I do leave my purses open I'm always watching-- its not as tiring as it sounds, I generally keep my bags close to me anyways because I do not like other people brushing up against me (I've noticed this, even if there's plenty of room--those ladies really bug me at the moment when it happens) because I don't want anyone touching (re:dirtying) my bag..

    but most of my bags are of snap closure, turnlock, or flap..I don't like zippers much because sometimes I fill it to the brim and I don't like for it to get caught :P
  11. I always leave mine unzipped on accident (especially my Glam). Today I did that and a spider climbed into my friends bag! :faint: I freaked out and zipped it up and kept it on my lap the rest of the seminar I was in. I guess that will teach you to keep your bag zipped! :P
  12. If I was in a crowd or some place I thought was unsafe I would for sure have mine closed but for me it's got to be that I'm lazy. lol
  13. Mine is almost always open. The only time I really zip it is if I'm wearing it crossbody (if it's a crossbody bag). Most of the time I'm just going from my car into work, or work to my car, so there's no need to close it. I agree with everyone else though, if I am in a place where I feel it might be a safety issue, I certainly will close/zip it. I do think that when I start using my Hamptons flap I will keep it closed with the turnlock. I like how it looks.
  14. My bag is ALWAYS open no matter what type of bag it is... I'm just always in and out of my bag, that I like it open, that way I can reach right in and pull out what I need whenever...
  15. Closed.


    Like a clam.

    In fact, up until I stumbled across my first "flap top vintage Coach" about four months ago, I had always and *exclusively* used zipper tops with the zipper closed. And it's not solely that I distrust my fellow man. --- I'm even more paranoid of something falling out, than someone else reaching in.

    I've become accustomed to the "turnlock flaps" now, but as you can probably imagine, the idea of an open top, or even a top with a 'hook' or magnetic snap, just makes me shudder. :wacko: :lol: