Open Letters (PART II): Dear ____..

  1. Dear _______,

    Please pick me!
  2. Dear Customer,

    You ungrateful *****. I did everything i could for you and still you are moaning.

  3. Dear ,
    you both had a chance to do something meaningful and important today and both dropped the ball badly.
  4. Dear _____,

    Stop being so greedy and bring them back!

  5. Dear _____,

    I still have faith, and craving for a change.
  6. Dear________
    Since you've been gone, I can breath for the first time. I'm so moving on!
    You are a prick, selfish, mommas boy. Unlatch ur mouth already from ur moms teet and be a man.
    Someone who doesn't believe in third chances
  7. Dear mailman,

    Bring my goodies!! Thank you!

    Love and kisses,
  8. Dear ______,

    You piss me off constantly with ur rude attitude and know-it-all ways! Stop sending me mixed up and ask me out already or let me move on.


  9. Dear ____,

    May everyday be like this 2 days
  10. Dear ________!

    I hope we will always be like the last few days, like frozen in time.

    Love L
  11. Dear _________!

    I will always support you!
  12. Dear ____,

    You better be there by then
  13. Dear.....

    Stop annoying me and thinking you're better than everyone.
  14. Dear _____,

    Hope that I like you and no delay in your launch
  15. Dear ___,

    Your confusion just increases and you keep digging yourself into a bigger hole.