Open Letters (PART II): Dear ____..

  1. Dear deployment,

    Hurry the hell up and get over with! I am tired of working with an annoying LTCOL who *****es us out but doesnt stand up for his people and lets the army dick us around.
    Please stop snowing...running on the treadmill sucks. But i am tired of living in the boonies and having to walk through the mud, snow to work.
    Hurry the hell up and get over with cos i miss my hubby and boys sooooo bad! I am tired of hearing stories of my little one crying for me in the middle of the night and i cant comfort him.
    P.s. Thanks for the seeing my bank account that big!
    P.P.S. Thanks for the wake up call that is this tent city, i am ssooooo 1,000 percent more grateful for my life in the US than i ever could've been!

    SSgt K
  2. Dear Heart:
    Please start behaving so I can stop seeing doctors. I've always treated you well; I need you to start working like you used to.

    Dear Moron:
    I'm glad it took you three whole hours to decide a Bimbo was more important then your child. What a "man" you turned out to be.
    Ashamed to Know You
  3. Dear R,

    You're confusing me. Can you figure it out please? Thanks!

  4. dear xxx

    i hope this is a good thing

    love, loves
  5. Dear A's coach,

    You're so effing hot.
  6. Dear ________,

    It's not always all about you. You're so fake it makes me sick.

  7. Dear powers that be,

    Thank you immeasurably for drying up the snow and mud last night so i could get in a great training run! It really helped my morale! P.s. Please do let it snow til my next rest day. I will be forever grateful.

    Love, Me
  8. Dear _____,

    I asked you who would apply for me to take compassionate leave last week, you OK'ed it with "Oh yeah! Sure! Absolutely!" and now you're saying I should've asked you to approve it first? COME ON! Seriously?

    Ticked off!
  9. dear future MIL

    i am going to pray for you because you are extremely selfish and illogical. we will all try to love you, but you make it extremely difficult. please never move close to us, your son won't be able to handle it.

    ~your future DIL
  10. Dear Ingrates,

    I have cooked meals for you bums for the past two days and you could not even bother to say "thank you". Well guess what, from now one you are on. your. own. If you're old enough to drive, you can damn well cook for yourself. Show a little appreciation.

    Peace out.

    No more Mr. Nice Guy/Woman.

    P.S. I cannot stand ungrateful and entitled people.
  11. Dear C & O,

    No, I haven't been as talkative lately, but I'm not in a bad mood. I just don't have anything to talk about. I don't have to make mindless small talk just to hear myself. And yes, I hear you sneaking around and whispering to each other. We are adults and you two need to act like it.

  12. Dear Smiling Friendly Check Out Lady,

    Thanks for being so friendly and helpful. Thank you for being nice to my daughter. I stopped on my way out of the store and let a manager know. I hope it makes it into your file.

    Many Thanks, Tink
  13. Dear MIL,

    It truly saddens and sickens me to know that I am STUCK dealing with you and your idiocracy for the rest of our lives! I must say I have come to realize that you will do anything and everything ass backwards to the way I or most normal beings would do it. Your ignorance is astounding and the way you chose to neglect my children in opposition of your 'other' grandchildren absolutely amazes me! I am saddened yet enlightened to know that some day they will realize your true self, as actions truly do speak louder than words. It breaks my heart that they worship the ground you walk on yet you really could care less about them unless it's convenient for you. You may have your Son snowballed into forgiving your foolish ways, but I for one am done! I will tolerate you to the best of my being and beg God for as much strength possible to get me through every torturous day of you I must endure. I really hate that you have made me so bitter towards you, as this negativity not only affects me but also my family.

    Yours truly,
  14. Heyy, we have the same mother-in-law! Haha!
  15. Dear Movie Theater Nazi:

    I am deeply sorry for texting someone at my office during the movie. Unfortunately, there was an urgent situation that they needed my help with. As my children are young, I didn't feel comfortable leaving them alone in the theater to make a phone call so I thought it would be OK to send 2 quick text messages.

    Until your tongue lashing, I did not realize that my texting was, in your words, "bothering all the other patrons." The other 10 people in the theater were not sitting any where near my children and I. In fact, almost everyone was sitting in front of us. The 2 people behind us were on the opposite side of the theater. My phone was on vibrate so no one heard a thing. You mentioned that the light from my phone was extremely distracting. No one even looked my way until you walked over and scolded me. That was way more distracting than the 2 brief messages I sent.

    I decided to try your theater out since it was less crowded than our normal theater. Now I know why.

    Best Regards,