Open Letters (PART II): Dear ____..

  1. Dear Poster,

    You've posted 4 seperate threads, *****ing & moaning, instigating arguments...

    If you have ALL these friends, you talk so badly about on this forum, step away from the computer & interact with them.

    You're needy, and I'm over it
  2. Dear K,

    You need a forreal reality check. Cut it with the snappy comments, general impoliteness, and arrogant attitude. You really aren't perfect, trust me. I won't be around forever so I really suggest you at least make an effort to be a nice person so I don't tear your head off soon. Please, as hard as it is, show me a little bit of respect and stop acting like I'm your doormat. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Dear R,

    I'm over the moodiness. Figure it out.

  4. Co - sign.
  5. Dear rude/strange lady on the phone who is applying for a job here...

    If I say someone is out at a meeting and won't be retuning... they really are!!

    Oh... And guess what... you not supposed to say that your potential employee is unprofessional just because she hasn't replied to your email... now what are the chances of us calling you back??

    Much love,
    The person who unfortunately took your call

  6. ^^^^ LOL :roflmfao:
  7. Dear ___,
    I don't know why you feel the need to lie to me and others. I'll have trouble feeling sorry when it comes back to bite you in the butt.
  8. Dear co-worker,

    thanks for your interest but I already have a boyfriend. Sorry. For what it's worth, you're pretty cute--too bad you're about 5 years too late.

    Hoping we could stay friends,

    me :smile:
  9. Dear C,

    I think you are nothing but a bully. Is someone disagrees with you, you simply berate them and intentionally try to make them sound stupid just so you can look like you came out as the winner. I will not engage you and I know it drives you insane that I can look you in the eye, then walk away. I am just glad that I do not have to see you on a daily basis.

  10. Dear Employer,

    Please stop picking on me when I'm trying to do my job. Your time would be better spent attempting to locate my other coworkers who disappear for hours, or retraining the ones who dress inappropriately, lack respect and professionalism, fail to maintain proper hygiene, and openly read magazines and their Kindle in the break room during their 3+ hour lunch breaks.

    The best employee in the office
  11. Dear you,

    Please email me soon... I keep checking my email hoping to see one from you... =\

  12. Dear Nails,

    Please don't break anymore. I need y'all to stay long, strong, and beautiful!!

  13. Dear everyone,

    Stop texting me. I never answer, do I? Once again...I do not text. If it is important enough, call me. If not, wait until you see me again or send me an email.

    Stop it!
  14. Dear VP

    thanks for screwing my director and myself in our bonuses. it's unfair to punish people who could not achieve their a goal because of the budget constraints that YOU initiated. How does that make sense and how is that fair?

    I hope it's worth the few hundred bucks you are screwing me when you have to find a replacement for me. I'm in HR, I know how much it is going to cost to find a replacement. As someone in a management role, you should find out too!

    Best regards,
  15. Dear "Mother of so-and-so Hubby knew in gradeschool",

    How DARE you attack my husband over religion?? He has never ONCE even told you what he believes, much less preached at anyone, so why is it any of your business? If he hasn't heard from you since he was a child, WTH gives you the right to attack him just because his beliefs are different from yours (or so you heard from a friend-of-a-friend). You're lucky he told me not to contact you! You need to BUTT OUT and go soak your big, fat, conceited head!!! Please reserve your heinous name-calling for the next time you're looking in a mirror.

    One pissed off wife