Open Letters (PART II): Dear ____..

  1. Dear DF,

    Thanks for our sweet date night tonight. Your gentle gesture has not gone unnoticed. ILY!!

    Your DF.
  2. ^ Aww :smile:

    Dear Mom,

    I love you and I miss you.

  3. Dear ____________,

    Please get out of there soon. Thanks.

  4. Aww, I'm sure she misses you too!!
  5. Dear You,

    I hope you can rise to the occasion....
  6. Dear _____,

    Are you done ignoring me yet? I'd like to figure this out and move on with my life or whatever we need to do.

  7. Dear MG,

    I hope you do what you say...cause I will.

  8. Dear my friends,

    i have sent two pics to you, please enjoy it.

  9. Dear my BFF's Wife-

    We all miss you very much. I can't believe it's almost been a year since your passing. Your kids are being well cared for. I see little bits of you every time I look at their faces.

    Miss ya,
  10. Dear _____,

    I am so glad we talked today. You looked so nervous, I wanted to hug you right away, but I knew I shouldn't. When you said towards the end of our conversation that you wanted things how they were before things got awkward, I was so relieved. I hope that I understood you and you that you meant we would still hang out.
    I wish I didn't have such a big crush on you. I am trying so hard to hide it from you, because I much rather be friends than throw it away by acting on my impulses.

  11. Dear lasagna,

    thanks for ruining my weight-loss program.

  12. Dear BIL,

    I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your father..he was such a sweet man and I looked forward to hanging out with you guys when he was in town. I know this is a difficult time for you and your mother..but just think that he will no longer be suffering in pain. Be strong and remember the memories you shared with heart breaks for you and your loved ones. Please be strong.

    Your SIL,
  13. Dear co-workers,

    Stop being lazy & figure it out yourselves! It's called initiative. Find some.

    ~Your annoyed co-worker
  14. Dear company where my BF is working,

    please work on your work-assigning procedures and job descriptions. Otherwise you'd still be a mess, and everyone including my poor BF would still be overworking even if you have successfully added an entire small nation to your workforce. Numbers don't mean squat without a proper system.

    Looking at how terribly-managed your workflow is, I cannot believe you're still in business. Do get your sh*t together so my BF wouldn't have to come home exhausted at 3AM every day.

    -your former employee
  15. Dear Retainer,

    I wish my teeth didn't need you.